Who wore it best? Political edition!

Tomorrow America choses a president. Which possibility would you rather snow with?

Now obviously when Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump head to the mountains for winter sport they strap on skis, not snowboards. They are old, rich, east coasters. So these skiing pictures are the best we have. But the question is… who is doing snow better?

Hillary Clinton is pairing a tight-ish pair of baby blue pants with a men’s pea-coat (?), pink/red scarf, Rastafari stocking cap and the biggest gloves on earth. Very normcore. Very trendy.

Donald Trump is going for a black pantsuit but throwing game in a signature gold glove and the closest he could find to gold (neon yellow) goggle and topping it off with a jaunty purple beanie.

And the question is now… who would you prefer to spend the day rolling with? Like, pretend they both snowboarded ok. Like, groomers ok. But you had to stay with one of them all day long.

Who would it be?

Celebrate: Smoke weed from snowball!

California is going legal (fingers crossed etc.)!

Marijuana is not legal in California for recreational use. But guess what? Tomorrow it might be! Like Washington and Colorado and Oregon! An unbreakable progressive bloc sucking the very marrow (cannabis) out of life!

No matter your personal usage, don’t you think others should be able to smoke, dab, vape, etc. and not have to worry about the fucken man harshing their deal?

Don’t you?

If you are in the snow right now maybe you’d like to celebrate California’s impending freedom. Maybe you’d like to smoke some weed from a snowball/Canadian waterpipe.

Follow these easy instructions here!

Dear Pro: “Are you a top or a bottom?”

And other questions that you are probably too afraid to ask!

Have you ever wanted to just ask your favorite pro snowboarders a question, just one question? Well sometimes I do. So I found some of them on Facebook, and I asked them some questions.

There’s still a few out there that haven’t been answered (Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens I’m looking at you…)

Have anyone you want me to ask?

Let me know in the comments below.


Nicolas Müller and the Joy of Method!

Does Switzerland's national treasure have the best in the game?

Nothing cranks my engine like a beautiful, fully extended method. Oh it’s high art! Maybe my appreciation stems from the fact that there is no such thing in surf. A man pulling a method in the ocean is simply pulling the eject cord.

In the snow, though, it is poetry! And even more poetic in the age of multiple corks.

But who has the best method in history? I am partial to Nicolas Müller’s. I have had the great honor of snowboarding with Switzerland’s national treasure more than a few times and to see him go up and stretch out is a song.

But is his the best? In history?

You tell me!

Jerome Tanon: “Show it to your parents!”

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding is simply too good. Come meet its maker!

Oh and the simple pleasure of The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding has not begun to wear off. Again, if you have not seen clear some time this evening and sit back with a nice cocktail or maybe a beer or maybe some marijuana.

It is wonderful!

But if you have seen it would you not like to get to know its marvelous creator Jerome Tanon just a bit more? Who better to host our visit than the one, the only, Eduardo “Buoloco” Segovia. His lo-fi setting sets a wonderful ambiance.

It’s like you are creepily stalking Jerome Tanon yourself!

This movie is going places, I’m telling you. So creepily stalk Jerome Tanon while you still can.

The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding By Jerome Tanon from Ed segovia on Vimeo.

And visit Buoloco here for more fantastic interviews with those who really matter.