History: The Stoney Gang of Elders!

No hippie swivelin' side slippers allowed.

Colorado in the 80s skiers n ski resorts looked down on snowboarders like we were criminals n some of us were. Grizzly fuckers that grew up slalom skateboarding, banging nails n smoking weed ruled the slopes. Dave Dowd, Pappas brothers, Steve Link, Windell and Delaney to name a few.

In a time where hard boots and carving were a way to win beer money n pay the rent and if you couldn’t tip a board over n rail a turn u were a hippie swivelin’ side slipper n the older guys would let u know. These were the guys that came before us n warranted respect. This stoney gang of elders laid down the rules and it wasn’t just Colorado. Ask Ranquet, Tex, Bass, Loeb or little B about the legendary MBHC with Turk, Kelly, Fulton, Jenko and off course Dan motherfuckin Donnelly enforcing the hill.

Guarantee there was some bitch slappin’ going on up there if you were side slipping a chute or, even worse, took some one’s line. Love the fact that there was history n respect at the start but wonder where that went. Chances r if u can do a back five in the park n a blind yourself pow turn u couldn’t carve to save your life.

Remember where u came from bitches.

Introducing: Seattle’s flying squirrel!

Austin Sweetin is ready to blow your mind!

(Ed. note: Sometimes words are a waste of motherfucking time. And so without further ado I present Todd Richards)

If you will, just stop for a moment and imagine what a flying squirrel would act like if he was given the chance to be human. Yeah, Austen is pretty much that exactly.

And without further ado we present Austin Sweetin.

Partiers in Burton's new space and Bad Santa all gettin' hyped!

Burton downsizing! Come celebrate!

Nothing says, "Let's rage" like a belt tightening!

Ain’t no party like a Burton party cuz a Burton party don’t stop (unless ex-employees write letters criticizing Bad Santa + Ms. Claus and the Carpenters decide to very publicly wear their hurt feelings on their sleeves. Or unless it buys Channel Islands surfboards at the top of a market which soon after slides into oblivion and hemorrhages cash. Or maybe unless Analog. Or possibly unless Bad Santa disappears for a minute whilst designing the latest/greatest yak hair ankle length jacket and gets lost in the desert…)

And you know we gonna party like a Burton party ’til somebody calls the cops because YO! Burton is downsizing their New York store, moving to a smaller location with less visibility and slightly worse curb appeal and…. drumroll…. cheaper rent!

Poor me some o dat Costco gin but don’t forget to top it with sum off-brand Sunny D!

Toasting fiscal responsibility, the tightening of a belt, cost cutting makes for the best time ever and Hondo, LodgeGrit‘s east coast desk, is going to right up in there this Saturday grinding super way close to the rest of the revelers lauding the economic mindedness!

He can’t wait.

And together, penny wise pound foolish, we’re making snowboarding fun again!

Who wore it best? Political edition!

Tomorrow America choses a president. Which possibility would you rather snow with?

Now obviously when Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump head to the mountains for winter sport they strap on skis, not snowboards. They are old, rich, east coasters. So these skiing pictures are the best we have. But the question is… who is doing snow better?

Hillary Clinton is pairing a tight-ish pair of baby blue pants with a men’s pea-coat (?), pink/red scarf, Rastafari stocking cap and the biggest gloves on earth. Very normcore. Very trendy.

Donald Trump is going for a black pantsuit but throwing game in a signature gold glove and the closest he could find to gold (neon yellow) goggle and topping it off with a jaunty purple beanie.

And the question is now… who would you prefer to spend the day rolling with? Like, pretend they both snowboarded ok. Like, groomers ok. But you had to stay with one of them all day long.

Who would it be?

Celebrate: Smoke weed from snowball!

California is going legal (fingers crossed etc.)!

Marijuana is not legal in California for recreational use. But guess what? Tomorrow it might be! Like Washington and Colorado and Oregon! An unbreakable progressive bloc sucking the very marrow (cannabis) out of life!

No matter your personal usage, don’t you think others should be able to smoke, dab, vape, etc. and not have to worry about the fucken man harshing their deal?

Don’t you?

If you are in the snow right now maybe you’d like to celebrate California’s impending freedom. Maybe you’d like to smoke some weed from a snowball/Canadian waterpipe.

Follow these easy instructions here!