Kimura: All heart! No hype!

Watch one of snowboarding's realest soar!

Jess Kimura just dropped a video part. A good one. We just had to scrape the link off Facebook & show you.

Here’s what she said about it:

So after scraping my way through last season I had a much-needed shoulder surgery and started editing to pass the time in rehab. Originally I put this together just for fun, to show my sponsors and friends. It’s been a rough road with countless injuries and setbacks but I decided to share this with the world anyways. You only live once. Cameo by Kaleah Opal, dedicated to Mark Dickson.

All heart, no hype. That’s what makes Jess one of snowboarding’s realest. Her friend Kaleah Opal looks like a badass, too. Check it out

Jess Kimura Full Part from Jess Kimura on Vimeo.

Forecast: Get to Hoodoo now!

If you wanna get your nose buried in powder!

Got sum hot intel comin straight outta the U.S. Weather Service, girlfriendz. If you wanna get pitted this weekend head straight to Oregon’s Cascades!

The dump is on!

Hoodoo and Willamette Pass are gonna get snowed for sure and weed! And snow!

Is your board tuned?

Here’s the Register Guard to tell you more:

There is a potential for 3 to 6 inches of new snow on the major passes in the Cascades for Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon, according to the weather service. Overnight lows are expected to drop to the mid-20s at the passes.

Drivers traveling through the Willamette and Santiam passes are required to carry chains or traction tires and may see signs requiring them to use chains or traction tires.

Showers and cool temperatures will persist Tuesday in the Willamette Valley, the weather service said. A high of 53 is forecast Tuesday in Eugene with up to half an inch of rain possible.

Stronger rain showers on Tuesday could produce small hail in the Willamette Valley, according to the weather service. A high of 51 is forecast Wednesday for Eugene.

A cold and unstable air mass will linger across the region Wednesday and possibly Thursday, bringing off-and-on showers, particularly along the coast and across higher terrain, the weather service said.

Yeah. Now where my Oregon dawgs at?

How to: Move to Canada STD free!

Donald Trump is America's president! Would you like to swap for Justin Trudeau instead? Follow these easy steps!

If you’re sticking to your plan of post-Trump emigration, brothers and sisters, you better pack up and bug out while you still can. Make haste to the Great White North. To Canada. Oh, Canada! Where the mountains are big and beautiful and not racist or hateful or lizard-brained …

But don’t go blind. You need to know where to go. So we’re telling you. And while many of our friendly and very decent neighbors to the north will not appreciate these recommendations, all we can say is Soary, but these are desperate times.

Here are a few dreamy spots to escape your new American Nightmare!

Banff: If you really love the mountains and can somehow avoid infection in Canada’s STD capital, this gem in the Alberta Rockies has lots to offer. Consistent snowpack, 3 resorts, endless backcountry, hot springs, and that notoriously nasty nightlife.


Revelstoke: Canadians from the east blew out Whistler long ago. So unless you like crowds, go to Revy. Located in southeastern B.C. it’s got a resort with the biggest vertical drop in North America and is squeezed between the legendary Kootenay & Monashee ranges. Powder country.


Quebec City: For the more urban-oriented expat, the classy, European vibe of this city, coupled with its long cold winters and endless supply of street spots makes Quebec a very inviting terminus for snowboarders in exile. Before you go, study the Bandwagon videos and study French.

There are lots of other places we could recommend but for now, this is it. Okay? Altight, bye. Have a nice trip. See you in 2020 if we make it that long.

A stoner (left) and The Stoner (right).

Buy: Your very own stoner resort!

The Stoner Ranch is literally for sale!

Do you gots a cool $13 mil in your mattress right now? Are you confused as to what to do with it? Gold just got so expensive! And stocks are topsy-turvy. Real-estate? America’s new President is way into real-estate and probably gonna cut taxes etc. on property.

Real estate!

And have I got a deal for you! There is a mountain in Colorado called The Stoner Ranch and it for sale!

For only 13 million clams!

Let’s read about it!

The San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado are home to some of the most stunning mountain landscapes in the world and the Stoner Ranch is smack dab in middle of it.

This ranch is every outdoorsmen’s dream and for a measly $13.9 million, it could all be yours. Among other amenities, The Stoner Ranch used to be home to Stoner Ski Area (1951-1985) and the remaining trails create perfect ski touring possibilities right out your back door. In total, three main descents with countless variations offer 1,260′ descents into the Dolores River Valley.

In addition to the ski area, the property boasts 1.7 miles of riverfront access to the free flowing, upper Dolores River. The fly fishing is some of the best in Colorado and being bordered on three sides by national forest, the possibilities for outdoor adventure are virtually endless.

Yeah. Endless. This is Colorado, right, where along with Washington, Oregon and California, weed is legal.

Each run down the hill could be fronted by gorgeous greenhouses curing the world’s finest marijuana, which is sold in the well-appointed lodge below. There could be pit stops along the way. Neat little igloos for chill hot box action. Etc.

But let’s get serious. I think you could easily turn a large profit simply marketing the name The Stoner Ranch.

Wanna go in with me? All you have to do is front $13,000,000.00 and leave the rest to me.

Hip: Radgnar new vocabulary!

Wanna sound like a boss this season? Well do ya punk?

Sometimes when I’m on da slopes and do something sick I forget what I’m supposed to say. “Sick” is played, fool. So is rad, cool, nice, sick, awesome and sick. Thanks for everyone the television channel Bravo is filling us in on new words to say this season. Bravo is famous for The Real Housewives n shit. So they know what cool vocab to use. I mean sick.

1. Lifties: People who operate ski lifts are lifties. There’s no telling what will happen if you say, “thank you, Mr. Liftie” when you get off, though, so that’s at your own risk.

2. Pow: Fresh powder is “pow,” and you want pow. If you want to poke fun at your elementary skills, you can faux brag about how you’re about to shred some pow.

3. Corduroy: A fashionable way to talk about freshly groomed snow that has the appearance of the thin lines on corduroy pants is to call it corduroy. Be an innovator and call it cords!

4. Gnar: Old-school slang for riding the terrain is to shred the gnar (short for gnarly).

5. Radgnar: A newer variation on gnar is “radgnar,” a contraction of gnarly and radical that oughta earn you a wink from an instructor. Plus it’s fun to say.

6. Shotski: Several shotglasses are fixed to a ski so that multiple people can enjoy a communal shot of their favorite libation. Andy Cohen has made the “shotski” famous and fashionable in any season on Watch What Happens Live. Perhaps you’ve seen it during its weekly appearances?