How to: Get a bad case of poison oak!

Who needs snow when you gots the itch!

Do you dislike your snowboard? Do you like to get poison oak or poison ivy and get very itchy? Do you like scratches all over your body? Do you dislike the snow? Do you like the smell of rotten leaves? Do you live in a place where it hasn’t snowed yet but gots your new board all ready and can’t wait to get rad?

Then do this!

Mission: shred from Mikhail Potemkin on Vimeo.

Seriously: What is happening here?

How do you wear your goggles? Like this? Why? Seriously.

There is a trend sweeping… certain parts of the world where people are putting their goggles on upside down. And I also don’t want us to get caught up with race here because it is beside the point.

What is important is that people are putting their goggles on upside down.



Do you know? Are they more comfortable this way? Ergonomically does it somehow make sense? Are the proportions more workable in an essentially cosmic way?



Do you know?

It was explained by a man from Malaysia that it might have something to do with nose size and that small noses let air into goggles when worn properly but wouldn’t it still be worse upside down? And Kim Kardashian has a microscopic nose and wears her goggles right side up along with all Finnish people.


Is it the mark of a secret society? A club that allows access to perks and secrets that us right siders can’t even begin to fathom?


Is it some unexplainable phenomenon that can never be fully comprehended? Like this?




Do you know?

Forecast: Las Vegas for you!

No snow in the Rockies and the experts are sweatin!

So snow hasn’t really started to fall in the Rockies yet which means you should probably go to Las Vegas and huff paint n shit or maybe Florida to get our boogie on until the storms come. The experts are getting all hopeful saying:

“This doesn’t mean at all that the winter is going to be dry,” said Klaus Wolter, a climate scientist with the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences in Boulder, Colorado.

“It’s kind of a nervousness-inducing late onset,” he said.

A lot can happen between the fall and spring, said Marlon Duke, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which manages multiple reservoirs on the Colorado River.

“We’re hoping to see some good precipitation through the winter months,” he said.

But do you believe them? Maybe it’s better if erryone who lives in Colorado or Utah just goes to Shabooms instead.

Or… Nowhere. The Week is saying;

A white winter wonderland is nothing but a dream for most Americans in the Lower 48, where snow cover is at its lowest point ever for November, modern records indicate. “How unusual is this?” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration writes. “National snow analyses have been compiled by NOAA’s National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center since 2003 and, during that time, never have the first two weeks of November shown such small amounts of snow.”

Shit, dawgs.

Huffman salutes the future!

Just in: Underground classic to return!

ir77 is back, baby! And ready to give you fits!

A full decade has passed since snowboard filmmaker Jake Price and pro rider turned filmmaker Lukas Huffman teamed up on an art project called ir77. The combination film and book was ambitious and raw and collaborative and wicked sick, presenting an in-depth, thematic exploration of the ’boarding life.

If you never saw it, you kinda should.

And pretty soon you’ll be able to. How do we know? Because we just got a call on the LodgeGrit landline (a Jacob Jensen) that Jake and Lukas have digitally-remastered the entire film plus an hour of DVD extras they plan to put online for free.

They’ll also be posting a PDF of the entire book. As soon as they give up the details on when & where, we’ll let you know.


Film: The Story of Zeppelin Zeerip!

A gorgeous break in your day!

Some names you hear and think, “Who?” Like Bob Jones. Or Jason Newmann. Other names you hear and think, “Star!” Like Darryl Strawberry. Or Zeppelin Zeerip.

And this film, in its quiet, in its story-telling, soars. It is like a drink of cool water in an overheated day.

It is gorgeous. The noted Willie McMillon says it cleaner though. He says:

This shits cool. So is this kid.


Fly High, Go Far from WZRD on Vimeo.