Eat: Grilled Cheese at Woodward Copper!

Come to Colorado's "youth paradise"!

Woodward Copper, if y’didn’t know, “is an action sports and youth paradise located at Copper Mountain Resort in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Located just over an hour from Denver, Woodward Copper offers year-round skiing and snowboarding on real Colorado snow, plus a 19,400ft² indoor training facility with skateparks, Olympic-grade trampolines, foam pit jumps, indoor ski and snowboard training and more.”

Oowee, and so forth.

Stars:  Levi Pompoco, Tate Cronk, Sean Fitzsimmons, Ed Enyart, Hunter Goulet, Max Greeley, Malem Mcdaniel, Xander Cornaby, Spencer Vaughan, and Jack Wiley.


After-supper blood games: The Burton Rail-Jam-Face-Plant Festival!

As raw as the jungle!

Ain’t nothing quite like hanging on the bow and watching a little after-supper games. Here, the thirteenth annual Burton Cattleman’s Rail Jam at Mount Buller’s Cattleman stairs. Jye Kearney won it, followed by Bryce Bugera and Troy Sturrock.

Harry Green nailed the best trick.

Mount Buller, if you’re wondering, is the closest decent sorta mountain to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Three hours drive.


DC team hits big ol Mammoth for a frothy and delightful Cinco De Mayo weekend…

From the presser: This episode of DC Transitors follows the DC Snowboarding team as they head to Mammoth, California, for Cinco De Mayo weekend. A week packed with tacos, beer, ponchos and slushy sombrero features, this edit focuses on springboarding, good times and on-hill mischief.

Oowee, etc.

Vans LANDLINE: Behind-The-Scenes iPhone edit!

The miracle of a telephone as filming device!

From the presser: Indulge in this compilation by Cole Navin and quite possibly a 128GB iPhone, showing sights and sounds of the two years spent filming for LANDLINE.

Camp: HCSC’s Session 3 Recap

Oowee, bluebirds and beach weather for happy campers!

From the presser: Signature Session™️ Pros Ben Ferguson and Pat Moore stopped by for the week to rip up everything our parks had to offer and teach our campers a lesson in style. The Ladies and Gentlemen brave enough to compete in Airblaster’s SKOLF snowboarding challenge put on quite the show. Everyone was pulling maneuvers far outside their comfort zone. We’re now half way through the summer, but to us it feels like we’re just getting started! Keep your eyes peeled for what’s in store for Session 4!