Australia? It’s puking!

Come and get a couple feet of fresh at Thredbo…

Yeah, Australia. If you’re in the southern hemi, right now, like…right…now… you might want to jump a car and point it to the Snowy Mountains.

A foot-and-a-half just hit Thredbo, that sexy lil village on the Thredbo River and a hike away from Australia’s highest mountain. Gonna bluebird Thursday, Friday, before another front hits and…oowee… snow all weekend. 

Knee deep, real dry. It ain’t Utah or Nisseko, but…man…it ain’t bad.

From Ben Domensino Weatherzone Meteorologist:

“A procession of fronts is likely to bring more snow to the mountains this week and next. After more fresh falls today, a relatively weak front will deliver another 10-20cm of snow on Wednesday, followed calmer weather Thursday and Friday. The next frontal system delivers another decent bout of fresh snow across the alps on the weekend.  So, after today’s powder day, it looks like there is plenty of snow on the way during the next fortnight too. August is delivering.”

Hit the ticket office here. 

Note: After five pm, schnapps are five bucks apiece.

Full-length feature: “Right to Roam!”

Get a piece in Scotland…

From the presser: Jump in the van with Marie-France Roy and Alex Yoder as they weave their way through Scotland, exploring how personal accountability allows for universal land access and the old farm shelters that support mountain folks to rove freely.

Video by WRKSHRT

Party Laps The Movie 2: “Demolish, Flay, Vivisect!”

Dirty kinky thrills and many spills…

From the presser:Brage Richenberg drops his second partylaps movie with all of his phone clip bangers from last season. Get hyped! Edited by Brage Richenberg Riders: Brage Richenberg, Aleksander Klerud, Thomas Hubert, Simen Johannessen, Halldor Helgason, Sven Thorgren, Kristoffer Leraan.”

Jah Zoop: “The Dope Dealers Won!”

Freakshows, rollercoasters and other cheap thrills.

A film that scratches at social itches without drawing too much blood. With Andrew Yoder, Ben Snyder, Justin Palmer, Billy Heffernan, John Stacy, Mark Gama & Gabe Marzillier…

Elsewhere – winter in Japan: “Where normality mixes with Oddity!”

Japan! As rich and creamy as fois gras!

From the presser: Japan is defined by contrast. Nowhere else balances the modern so well with the traditional while the mixture of culture, food, scenery and the warmth of the Japanese people are just a small number of reasons why I end up back here every year. I hope watching Elsewhere motivates you to experience this incredible country for yourself. Riders: Jack Spence Troy Sturrock Jeremy Burns Andrew Brown Ryusei Takahashi (guest appearance) Supported by: Anon Optics Capita Snowboards Aus/NZ Union Binding Co. Aus/NZ Rad Gloves Music: Bayonne – Spectrolite