Jah Zoop: “The Dope Dealers Won!”

Freakshows, rollercoasters and other cheap thrills.

A film that scratches at social itches without drawing too much blood. With Andrew Yoder, Ben Snyder, Justin Palmer, Billy Heffernan, John Stacy, Mark Gama & Gabe Marzillier…

Elsewhere – winter in Japan: “Where normality mixes with Oddity!”

Japan! As rich and creamy as fois gras!

From the presser: Japan is defined by contrast. Nowhere else balances the modern so well with the traditional while the mixture of culture, food, scenery and the warmth of the Japanese people are just a small number of reasons why I end up back here every year. I hope watching Elsewhere motivates you to experience this incredible country for yourself. Riders: Jack Spence Troy Sturrock Jeremy Burns Andrew Brown Ryusei Takahashi (guest appearance) Supported by: Anon Optics Capita Snowboards Aus/NZ Union Binding Co. Aus/NZ Rad Gloves Music: Bayonne – Spectrolite

Gorgeous Nostalgia: Paul Osborne’s “Hey Old Friend”

Unseen clips, vintage vibes…

And now, a message from dear Mr Osborne: I started this edit about 2 months ago when I found this song while in a youtube hole and it made me nostalgic of all the good times I’ve had with all of the great people I’ve met thought the last decade all thanks to snowboarding. I unfortunately never got to meet Dillion Ojo but I assumed our paths would eventually cross at some point. With his recent passing, it becomes crystal clear that nothing in life is certain or guaranteed and that we are who we are because of the people we surround ourselves with and our friends become our family as we move further along our individual timelines. Whether it’s a couch to crash on, a ride to the mountain, a trip to the skatepark or a day trip to a lake, we surround ourselves with our friends and without them, we’d just be another lonely soul looking for an escape.
I can 100% say that I would not be where I am today without all of my good friends who I’ve met through snowboarding in one way or another. Tell your friends you love them before you can’t. This edit is a bunch of footage that never got used (a few reused that I liked) from the last year and a half from Superpark 2017, HCSC session 6 2017 and Brighton Resort 2017-2018.

I love you all.

Watch: Jeremy Jones and Mike Basich in Tahoe!

Come, come and roam Basich's own resort, Area 241…

From the fabulous Snowboarder magazine: “Trains, planes, and automobiles might be the classic saying, but we’d take a train, snowmobile, and snowboard over it any day. Gareth Van Dyk made the commute from CO to Tahoe last winter to meet up with Ryland Bell and follow two legends, Jeremy Jones and Mike Basich, for a few runs. From backcountry turns with Jones to Basich’s own Area 241, it looks like the trip was well worth it.”

Jeffy Gabrick in “Heavy Metal on the Volcano!”

Summers on Hood…

From the presser:Jeffy Gabrick dues paid on the Volcano over the course of many summers. This summer offered up a new opportunity to film and rip with the homies, Mike Skiba, Kevin Gillespie, Zak Peterson, Peter Limberg, Boody, and of course the Diggers. A Hood part was pulled.”