Watch: Dazzling early-season Queenstown!

A little New Zealand juice…

The main event, here, are The Remarkables on New Zealand’s south island with Burton riders Ethan Cruise and Nick Brown. Later, hook up with Winter Olympics Bronze medallist Zoi Sadowski-Synnott at Cardrona for more rollicking early season entertainment.

Sick Days: Orem Stepdown

Words by T. Bird

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah for a reason. It’s the best place on earth to be a snowboard photographer. You can shoot street, pow and park all in one day, which makes it super efficient to get a lot of variety in your photography in just one winter. On these particular days, Jeremy Jones, Jake Welch and Pat Moore were filming for various projects (Pat and Jeremy, for Blueprint and Jake for Real Snow) so they hit me up to get a lens on ’em for a few sessions. What resulted were two of the heaviest days of shooting I’ve ever been a part of. These guys are modern day superheroes and what they can do on a snowboard is nearly incomprehensible, and until you see it in real life, it doesn’t seem like it can be real. The following is a few shots from two of the sickest days I’ve ever shot. Full sequence of Jeremy and Jake below.

Early Season Soup In Perisher Park

Early season happenings at Perisher condensed into three minutes with a savvy crew.

Scope Soup 5 and check out what’s up in Perisher’s Park out in Australia

Two Days at Boreal

When people think about 2-days they are usually referring to the weekend.

But we don’t have any days off here at Woodward Tahoe! Spend two days in Boreal’s famous Jibassic park, with one of the smoothest riders around, Brady Lem.


As Stale puts it.

“Last minute decision to go to Fonna made for one of the best jump shoots of the year.” We couldn’t agree more. With some leaks dropping on social media the past two weeks, plus a rumored edit dropping later this month with all of the riders involved, Fonna definitely looked like quite the time. Check out a little behind the scenes from the time spent up there with Stale Sandbech, Sage Kotsenburg, Halldor Helgason, Sven Thorgren, and more as they take slams in the ungodly bright night sky over Norway.