Black Friday: Canadians lose minds!

Blood! Mayhem! Crazy good deals!

You know Black Friday. It is the day when consumers lose their minds over door busting sales. Ripping each other’s limbs off to get that big screen TV or toaster oven. Clawing each other’s eyes out to get that X-Box One or GoPro Karma drone (j/k).

You know Canadians. People who are known for being wild. Crazy. Totally out of control. Sure they have wonderful mountains like Bald Face, Whistler, etc. but they also have nuts attitudes. Always pushing the boundaries of good taste.

And so it makes sense on Black Friday that Canadians absolutely lose the plot. Watch as they storm a Best Buy, trampling each other in order to get deals.

Chuckle up your sleeve.

Canadians. What will they do next?

Black Friday: Get a sick new rack!

If you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need!

Some are big and bodacious; others are more flat. No matter what kind you prefer, it’s getting nippy all over, so now’s the time to mount one up.

The Universal Board Carrier from Thule looks decent


Yakima Racks are made in the USA if that gets you stoked. Their FatCat 6 carries 4 boards.


Boulder, Colorado’s Rocky Mounts are that flat/perky variety. Check out the LiftOp Biggie.


So you expected something different/better here. Okay, but stay with us and learn to expect the unexpected; even if it’s disappointing. For our next roundup we’ll bring you the break down on Who Has The Nicest Box In Snowboarding. Rooftop box that is. Zing!

Revealed: How the snowboard got cool!

Hint: It involves legend Shaun White!

Oh you’ve heard the bits of Shaun White’s story many times. Young phenom from North County San Diego, preternaturally talented, successful, red hair, flying tomato, Olympic Gold, Bad Things, Olympic loss, owner of Mammoth, more bad things…

But have you ever read it all strung together in one longer read?

Now you can here in “Shaun White, The Man Who Made Snowboarding Cool!

Some of the highlights include the headline, which reveals it was Shaun White who made snowboarding cool.

That the “stoner” portrayal of snowboarding is lame…

White had no interest in playing the part of the stereotypical stoner snowboarder so often portrayed in adverts, and soon insisted on control of his own image rights too. “I was still very young and insecure about my looks – I can remember signing posters at a contest where I looked terrible in the picture. What worried me most was that kids were going to take the pictures home and put them on their walls.”

That it takes a miracle from heaven to best Shaun…

Six weeks away from Vancouver, White had not yet perfected the double McTwist 1260, and suffered a shock defeat by an up-and-coming young American in the Olympic qualifier at Mammoth Mountain. “Danny Davis beat me with this miracle run. I had thought all I would need was my back-to-back double-corked 1080s. I flipped out and was like, ‘How did this happen?’, but three days later I nailed the double McTwist 1260.”

That Russians dream too much, too big…

“The lead-up to Sochi was too much, but my pride got in the way. I felt I couldn’t pull out of slopestyle because I said I’d do it. Then I turned up to Sochi and the course was terrifying, with crazy bulletproof ice and features that looked like they had been copied from a video game.” He pulled out after watching three of his friends being carted off injured. White drew criticism for denying someone else a chance to compete, but is unrepentant. “I earned my spot, and I’m sorry I didn’t ride the slopestyle, but I had other goals in the halfpipe.”

And that Iouri Podladtchikov will repeat as gold medalist in Korea…

Nevertheless, White is not finished with snowboarding just yet, planning to compete at the Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018. At the age of 31, he will be an elder statesman in a young man’s game – but if his career so far has proved anything, it’s that when faced with a challenge, he will always meet it head-on.

Watch: Football, Shmootball (part 1)!

Can't shred? Ride the couch instead!

If you’re lucky enough to live in the few places that have snow already, good for you! You can spend your turkey day buttering & switch carving. The rest of us are stuck with relatives and football. But fuck football! If the tryptophan has you pinned to the couch, watch a couple of these classics instead.

Roadkill 1993

Volcom’s The Garden

Mack Dawg’s Amp 2001

Watch: Random bastards go raw!

A mini-movie to set your holiday right!

The Swedish homies behind the Lets Doris mini-movie crammed a lot into 8 minutes: style, tricks, smooth soundtrack, kinky rails, slams, champagne, Volvo cop cars, & good friends with fun names:

Felix Engström, Ludwig Lejkner, Jonathan Lindhe, Abbe & Theo Hjellström, Hans Åhlund, Len Jörgensen, Rasmus Andersson, Nonne Reif and George Persson.

What a crew!

LETS DORIS from Dennis Ylikangas on Vimeo.