Gender too.

21st century prob: Gender-Neutral snow!

And Burton's store downsizing bash!

Well hell. Hell hell hell, I tells ya! North America is getting the shaft right now. Very little snow even though Mammoth is popping off and Colorado is open and the northeast… I don’t know what’s happening there besides BURTON DOWNSIZING PARTY TONIGHT!

You gonna be there?

You gonna be rubbing shoulders real tight with everyone in the new, smaller space?

LodgeGrit gonna be! In da house!

And maybe it’s a good thing it’s not snowing on the east coast right now (the kind of snow that falls from the sky) because it’s making all kind trouble in Stockholm, Sweden! More snow has fallen over the last few days than in the last 111 years (or something). The city is locked and angry folk are blaming the city’s gender-neutral snow clearing policy. Let’s read about it!

“Gender equal snow-cleaning is not to blame here,” Daniel Helldén, the city’s Green Party transport head told the Expressen newspaper, stressing that the policy, which prioritises cleaning pavements and cycle lanes over roads, did not even appear to have even been followed.

“There is a lack of gender equal snow-clearing now, according to the reports I’m getting,” he said. “It’s still difficult to walk on the pavements — and it is important that snow-clearing prioritises walkways, public transport and cycle paths.”

Stockholm’s municipal government, a coalition of the Social Democrats and the Green Party, brought in gender equal snow cleaning last year, pledging to make moving around the city on icy winter days just as safe for women as it is for men.

Men are statistically more likely to be drivers, while women are more likely to use pavements, cycle paths, and public transport.

But on Thursday and Friday, the policy came under renewed criticism after the city was thrown into chaos by the unusually heavy snow dump, with buses and trains cancelled, and major motorways blocked.

The policy’s apparent failure was celebrated with glee by anti-feminists on Twitter, with even the liberal Dagens Nyheter newspaper running a light-hearted article, titled “Nine alternatives to gender-equal snow-cleaning”.

“It’s obvious that it hasn’t worked, and the question is why,” Helldén admitted. “Is it the weather or the procedures which we in the city have put in place?”

Downsizing party! At Burton! NYC! Tonight!

Sorry: Mammoth has been PUMPING!

Wonder why there hasn't been new gear on your least favorite snowboarding website?

Had a slow couple days at LodgeGrit and sorry not sorry because Mammoth Mountain is OPEN and PUMPING!

Where are you my dawgs? Are you here?

Gettin jibby wit it?

Loosening your thighs?

Remembering what it means to snow?


We out here sporting Trumpstaches and you should be too!

Forecast: Head to Washington!

You itching yet?

Not only is weed legal, duh, but this year’s La Niña conditions are ready to go go go. Seattle is even bracing for a weekend dump and if that don’t make you want to purchase a one-way on Alaska Air then you are not the hound I thought you were.

But if you needed extra pushing let’s tuck into Western Washington’s home for Seattle Seahawk football King 5:

Snow clouds are on the horizon for the second half of the winter in the Western Washington with a La Nina-generated potential for lowland snow sticking for the first time in four years.

KING 5 Meteorologist Rich Marriott sees the season setting up much like it did in the winter of 2008 and 2009. A “snowmageddon” lasted weeks that winter which paralyzed much of Seattle. The city’s reaction to it is credited for costing then-Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels his job.

Data from the National Climate Prediction Center shows colder-than-normal temperatures along with high precipitation levels forecast for January, February and March. November, December and January show equal chances of above or below temperatures for the region.


That sounds like a guarantee if I ever heard one. So buy your Alaska Air ticket to either Seattle or Acapulco to get your nose buried in pow.

Poetry: Fuck the Establishment!

Christian Haller's new film is a gorgeous rebel yell!

Oh there is some down-turned faces out there today. Some red-rimmed eyes. Sad hearts. Bottomless despair even. And if you are feeling like you got punched in the gut I’ve got something to tell you.

Happy Trump Day!

We, in the tiny surf/snow/skate bubble are best when kicking against the system. When shouting down the man. When being gleefully defiant. When doing what we want to do in spite of the power structure not because of it.

And now, after eight years in the desert, we have our perfect foil. A man so cringe-worthy as to elicit gutter responses. An orange stain.

So let’s do what we do best. Fuck the establishment.

Long live the ride.

GLUE from Christian Haller on Vimeo.

History: The Stoney Gang of Elders!

No hippie swivelin' side slippers allowed.

Colorado in the 80s skiers n ski resorts looked down on snowboarders like we were criminals n some of us were. Grizzly fuckers that grew up slalom skateboarding, banging nails n smoking weed ruled the slopes. Dave Dowd, Pappas brothers, Steve Link, Windell and Delaney to name a few.

In a time where hard boots and carving were a way to win beer money n pay the rent and if you couldn’t tip a board over n rail a turn u were a hippie swivelin’ side slipper n the older guys would let u know. These were the guys that came before us n warranted respect. This stoney gang of elders laid down the rules and it wasn’t just Colorado. Ask Ranquet, Tex, Bass, Loeb or little B about the legendary MBHC with Turk, Kelly, Fulton, Jenko and off course Dan motherfuckin Donnelly enforcing the hill.

Guarantee there was some bitch slappin’ going on up there if you were side slipping a chute or, even worse, took some one’s line. Love the fact that there was history n respect at the start but wonder where that went. Chances r if u can do a back five in the park n a blind yourself pow turn u couldn’t carve to save your life.

Remember where u came from bitches.