Award: Swaggiest of 2016!

Which rider won the coveted title?

This came via a very famous and trend-setting professional snowboarder.

Just a screen grab.


I responded, “Who is this wonderful man?”

He answered, “Snoopzub- Russians always do it better–”

And I knew LodgeGrit had its swaggiest of 2016.


Win: A Travis Rice Jackson adventure!

And maybe his bike* too!

Are you a tough guy or gal filled with a powerful èlan? Do you wash your face in a frying pan? Comb your hair with a wagon wheel? Are you a hardened sinner who never says grace before dinner?

Then you should enter Travis Rice and Quiksilver’s contest to shred with him in Jackson!

The rules are very simple as you can see. Gotta be the above and then 13 – 18, enter through Instagram by hashtagging #YGSnow while tagging @quiksilver and that’s all.


As you can also see, the contest is brought to you by Snowboarder and I assume you’ll get to be featured on that wonderful platform.


…Travis recently left his bike at my house and so if you add the hashtag #grandtheft while tagging @lodgegrit and win I’ll give it to you*!

Good luck!

*for a quick ride around the block…but you also have to bring a bike pump because the tires are flat.

Watch: A film that will get you high!

Come smoke the Äsmosphere!

Like Smokey said, “I’m gonna get you high today. Cuz it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do!”

Äsmosphere is a new short film from the legendary Austrian Ästhetiker crew. These dudes surf pow. And surf waves. And skate. And through their home-grown pow surfing movement they’ve combined elements of all 3 to achieve sideways-standing nirvana. The 3rd Paradise. What do you know about that?

Led by veteran pro Wolfgang Nyvelt and two dudes named Steve Gruber, Äsmo is incredible. And this new movie is gonna get you high.


Press play (on the vimeo button down there because control issues etc.)

And when you’re done watching the film, you’ll need one of their boards. Buy one here!

Never nail your boots to your board again. Freedom is YOURS! | Photo: @snowboardingisdead

Burton: “Click with your ski bros!”

The snowboard company just discovered the HOLY GRAIL of RADICAL!

There you are… just off the chair and ready to get fukkkin bizzzy. Redddy to shredddy! And your ski bros are there too HYPED and AMPED and POPPIN BULLS! Gonna hit da boxes and da rails and you bend down to STRAP IN then look up and your SKI BROS ARE GONE and you have to ride da park with the autistic kid from woodshop because he lost his poles gettin off the chair!


But thanks to Burton maybe never again. They just discovered snowboarding’s Shangri-la! The motherfuckin FOUNTAIN OF RAD!





The Associated Press reports:

Snowboarders now have a new way to click with their ski friends.

The typical rider’s hassle of bending down — or sitting down in the snow — to buckle boots into the bindings while skiers in their group wait could be a thing of the past.

A new technology that enables the boot to snap onto the board similar to a ski binding has the potential to inject fresh life into a sport that has been dealing with slowing growth for the last decade or so.

After more than four years of research and more than a decade of trying to find the answer to a question that has long perplexed snowboarders and manufacturers alike, Burton Snowboards is releasing its new Step-On binding — touting it as a time-saver that won’t negatively impact performance. The binding goes on sale next fall and will run between $250 and $400.

“We asked the question, ‘What if?’” said Chris Cunningham, Burton’s vice president of product. “What if I could save 30 seconds per run?”

Multiplied by the 10 to 15 runs an average rider logs on any given day, a 30-second difference could mean an extra trip down the mountain per day. Over years, that number could add up into the hundreds. Meanwhile, the binding means less delay, less getting hands wet while fiddling with straps and buckles, less time the skiers in the group have to wait around for their snowboard buddies to prepare their equipment after they get off the lift.

You will never be left behind again. And get a whole free extra ride down the mountain per year. And the snowboarding industry is saved.


Click here to see a picture!



Award: Best magazine cover ever?

It sparks the soul!

I just dare you to find a better cover. Dare you!

Did you find one?



And back to the best magazine cover ever. The magazine says:


I spent January and February of last year shooting in the clouds. Sledding up into the alpine only to see any chance of blue skies on the distant mountains. I met up with the Manboys in early in March. There was a glimmer of hope that Revelstoke would get a small high pressure system, so we made the trip in hopes of some sunlight. The following days everything clicked: the snow was perfect, the sun finally revealed itself, and the boys put their feet down. Rasman, who hadn’t gotten a shot in about a month, landed just about everything he tried. (Read all about it on p. 66.) After Revelstoke, we decided to head back to Whistler where sun was predicted for a couple days. We were deep in the mountains, Rasman eyeballed this super gnarly gap and we went to work building the wedge. Rusty had his eye on another feature so this was Rasman’s day. He had the jump all to himself—first hit, Frontside 360 and just barely cased. Next hit went a little too big, but third time’s a charm and he road away and landed himself on the cover. —Darcy Bacha

I have had too many vodka grape juiceies but hell. Look at this cover!